Angel Benitez


Angel Andres comes from a family of professional Drivers and organizers of motor sports events, racing is in his blood and he has been a Driver since he was just 14 years old. He has managed to harvest several victories and championships throughout his career, and has always represented Venezuela and his family all these years. In 2014 he set himself the goal to open a Burger Joint and that’s how Burbowl started, after a whole year in Research and development they opened the door of the first Burbowl in Usa at Downtown Miami on December 2015 and we will be opening the doors of our second store in February 2017 at Coral Gables.

What is your earliest memory involving food or wine? Food when my mom was first cooking an Arepa for me when I was a child, and wine, my first experience with wine I always forget the next day and repeat all over again. My favorite SOBEWFF® memory is: It was a blast! The first time I really enjoyed a honest free hard liquor bar in USA. Would do it again every single year. Note: This is my first year competing, I hope you like my concept. Another charity/non-profit cause important to me is: Food for people, I believe that there shouldn’t be a person in the world that has no food to eat everyday.

If I could collaborate with anyone in the world on a project, it would be: No Kid Hungry project. I never leave home without my: Pants, It’s true but in a more serious way, I never leave home without my goals in my mind ready to conquer them.

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