Since we decided to share with all of you our concept and open our first restaurant, we define that food quality was our priority and that it should has high quality standards that allow us to offer delicious food at all time.
That’s the reason we use 100% Black Angus Meat! We choose the one from Braveheart®Beef, because their selection method is define by patterns of taste, cutting and consistency. Plus, they guarantee that their cattle are exclusively breed on Family Farms from United States that have a grain diet, are fed in feed yards of less that 200 miles from processing and treated rigorously by experts, without any exposition to hormones or antibiotics.
All process meat is carefully analyzed through a system called PathProven, which use DNA TraceBack®program to take samples from the meat’s cuts, cross all results with all cattle types and verify through DNA that they correspond only to Braveheart’s animals. In this way they guarantee to consumer a premium quality cow’s meat.
We are committed with those customers that supported us since our very beginning, and in retribution to their fidelity we are always evaluating all options for not just serve the tastiest Burger or BurBowl, but the most healthy as well: well feed cattle with an excellent human care and without applying any hormones or antibiotics.
Come to your nearest BurBowl today and enjoy your favorite dish with 100% Black Angus Meat, the most tender and tastiest of all!
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